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хиты продаж

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Парикмахерское кресло HR8516
4180 грн

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    E v e r e tt — online store of furniture, pro equipment and comprehensive services for business

    Every entrepreneur or company is looking for ready-made solutions for their business. We are ready to provide them throughout Ukraine and for all areas of business activities. E v e r e tt company is not just an internet site with equipment and furniture, but also a wide range of services provided for business:

    Why E v e r e tt?

    Equipment and furniture in all companies of approximately one type and quality – so why are we better? Because, in the first place, we are trying to solve a client problem from the point of view of business. Knowing the approach to every field of activity, our managers are ready to suggest why it is worth choosing this option, and what are the disadvantages of the alternatives.

    Uniqueness. Often our customers create an individual design and they need something special. The interiors of modern cafes, salons and catering establishments are now so diverse that there is no limit to creativity. Walls of green moss? Drawings on the ceiling? Metal decorative designs? Easy! And also, furniture according to individual sizes and materials. You can find all this in the section:

    Where to find a new kind of a business?

    In the peak of fashion for men’s hairstyles and a well-groomed beard, men increasingly want to look brilliant. However, it is no secret to anyone that it is not always convenient for representatives of the stronger sex to visit beauty salons. And we, represented by E v e r e tt company, provide one of the best opportunities to create a unique place where your client will regularly return. First you need to correctly calculate the budget for the opening, and you can buy everything you need for the Barbershop on our website. Not sure where to start?

    Or you want to become a Restaurateur and open institution a lot of people because their intention is profitable and interesting. In order not to be overwhelmed and the situation when it seems that everything is going wrong and the hands are lowered, we want to explain that if you are not ready to live to sleep and eat only with this plan, and work to be a second home, then it is better to think of another idea which closer to you. But if you see yourself as the owner of a restaurant or even an entire network, E v e r e tt’s team of professionals will help you and, thanks to the experience of supporting and opening commercial establishments, will simplify the process.

    To get a Restaurant status, many tasks must be done and solved:

    • Determine the direction of the kitchen and find the philosophy of the institution.
    • Understand the accounting model.
    • Implement CPM programs for personnel and process management.
    • To bring the premises in compliance with sanitary and fire regulations.
    • To collect all necessary package of documents and permissions.
    • Repair and install equipment.
    • Find staff.

    Don’t know where to start? Contact our manager – consultation is free!

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